Smocks and Kabas and Slits: Ghana’s Traditional Wear

Clothes are an integral part of any culture. They are used to denote status and rank, for spiritual purposes, for storytelling, for connecting with ancestors and any number of other things. They are also one of the most easily spotted and recognized marker of a specific culture. In Ghana there are a few pieces of … More Smocks and Kabas and Slits: Ghana’s Traditional Wear

Ghana at 60

For the past several weeks, every morning there has been drumming coming from the school near my office. Walking through town, the beats waft through the air from various schools and classes are sometimes suspended while the children arrange themselves in rows and practice marching. Ghana’s Independence Day, marking 60 years of freedom from colonial … More Ghana at 60

A Short List of Ghana’s Major Ethnic Groups

Africa, probably more so than the other continents, is made up of countries with borders that were created without thought to the people who were living there. Ethnic groups cross these arbitrary lines on maps and some call multiple countries their homeland. These groups have different languages, customs and traditional ways of life. In Ghana, … More A Short List of Ghana’s Major Ethnic Groups

Who’s in Control?

By His grace. This is my response to any number of requests or statements ranging from requests for me to take someone to the United States to whether I’ll make it to an event. By God’s grace. With that simple little phrase, I’ve shifted from a view that through my own work and effort I … More Who’s in Control?